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Bada Baby Pacifier Necklaces, Set of 20


This popular game has been played at baby showers for years. Instead of using safety pins (where holes are left) or diaper pins, use our idea of hanging pacifiers with string around your guest's neck, therefore eliminating pinholes. These are adorable acrylic pacifiers!

Object: To be the guest at the end of the shower to be the one wearing the most necklaces.

How to play: Upon arrival, have your guests wear a "necklace" with a cute translucent plastic pacifier tied to it. Throughout the course of the shower anyone who says Mommy's name gets to take that person's necklace. (For co-ed showers, men can use them as bracelets.) The guest wearing the most necklaces at the end of the shower is awarded a prize!

Details: Size of each pacifier is approximately 7/8" long. Each set contains 10 pacifiers and strings. Some assembly required.

It's super easy to play. It's a great game that encourages conversation and helps break the ice among strangers. This game lasts for the length of the shower. Attractively priced and ready to ship!



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Item: Bada Baby Pacifier Necklaces, Set of 20
Price Each: $12.95


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